Cold & Dry Storage Warehousing

In Partnership with Zero Mountain™ Logistics

Capacity & Technology

With over 35 million cubic feet of premium storage space between our five facilities, our solutions are versatile, convertible, and highly efficient.


Currently, Zero Mountain™ freezes, stores, and ships an estimated two billion pounds of frozen food and meat annually for numerous Fortune 500 companies.




Capacity By Location:

    • Johnson, Arkansas
      • 5,280,000 Cubic Ft Freezer

      • 141,440 Cubic Ft Refrigerated Area

      • 450,000 Cubic Ft Staging Area

    • Fort Smith, Arkansas
      • 5,145,000 Cubic Ft Freezer

      • 1,539,000 Cubic Ft Refrigerated Area

      • 593,226 Cubic Ft Staging Area

    • Lowell, Arkansas
      • 5,502,672 Cubic Ft Freezer

      • 1,310,400 Cubic Ft Refrigerated Area

      • 31,050 Cubic Ft Staging Area

    • Russellville, Arkansas
      • 5,919,250 Cubic Ft Freezer

      • 2,202,625 Cubic Ft Refrigerated Area

      • 2,320,000 Cubic Ft Staging Area

    • Little Rock, Arkansas
      • 63,898 cu ft. Freezer

      • 10,860 cu ft. Staging Area

Our Technology

Our in-house software gives us the flexibility to respond to our customers' needs very quickly.

Zero Mountain has a custom-written WMS with an RF system with handheld and forklift-mounted terminals that allows us to maintain over 99% inventory accuracy. We currently receive EDI 940 and 943 documents, and send our customers 945, 947, 810, and 846 documents. We can communicate these documents via a VAN, FTP, or AS2.

In addition to traditional EDI, we have the ability to send email reports for events such as truck loading and unloading. We also receive orders via email which are processed automatically for some customers who don't use EDI.

We offer a customer facing web portal where our customers can log on and access reports on their inventory on demand.