Cold & Dry Storage Warehousing

Company History & Growth

Zero Mountain™ Inc. (now Americold Logisitics) was established three generations ago on a rock solid foundation.


Our commitment to excellence has led our company to occupy a strategic position in the growth and development of the frozen food industry.


In 1951, Joseph Rumsey, III, along with George Bazore, Sr., C.A. Stump, and Price Dickson worked diligently for four years to turn a limestone cave in Johnson, AR into a sub-zero processing and storage vault. In the summer of 1955, ZMI opened their doors becoming one of only four facilities of this type in the country.


It was no coincidence that Zero Mountain™ was on the cusp of the largest growth in poultry history with the largest poultry processors in the nation right next door. Seizing these two most opportune advantages allowed Zero Mountain™ the means of becoming a successful, thriving business for the next six decades.

As Zero Mountain™ (now Americold Logistics) was positioning itself as an industry leader, steps to expand and grow began in the 1980s with an above ground facility being built in Fort Smith, Arkansas.


By the early 1990s, two more above ground facilities located in Lowell, AR and Russellville, AR opened their doors.

Today Zero Mountain™ (now Americold Logistics) employs 225 people, and provides over 35 million cubic feet of controlled-temperature storage.


Our newest endeavor, Zero Mountain™ Logistics was born from the desire to give our customers the advantage of next step transportation.