Cold & Dry Storage Warehousing

Five Marks of Quality

From the beginning, Zero Mountain™ (now Americold Logistics) has been focused on superior performance in every area of its operation, from quality and safety procedures, to tracking and shipping systems.




Zero Mountain™ (now Americold Logistics) consistently achieves the highest rating available from the Independent American Sanitation Institute. 


All of our locations are ID certified by the USDA. Our excellent record assures customers that product is always kept clean, and quality is kept high.




Zero Mountain™ (now Americold Logistics) facilities are able to respond to the most sophisticated distribution needs.


Customer product is moved in and out of our facilities more efficiently than anywhere in the industry. Our computer response system and trained personnel work directly with customers who need on-line communications and system-to-system compatibility.




Temperature control is maintained within one degree Fahrenheit of required temperature year-round. 


Blast freezing and exporting services reduce food temperature from +40°F to 0°F within 48 hours. More than 30 million cubic feet of below 0°F storage is available in five of our locations.




Customers know that when product is stored at Zero Mountain™ (now Americold Logistics) it can be retrieved when needed without loss.


Completely wireless, on-site, computerized controls from receiving to warehousing to shipping results in 99.95% accurate inventory management.




Facilities can load and unload as many as 140 trucks a day. Often, loads are turned around in two hours or less.


Zero Mountain™ (now Americold Logistics) provides fast and accurate loading and unloading operations on low temperature docs. Our facilities are always ready for trucks to arrive for pick-up or delivery of product.



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